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WOOLLOOMOOLOO: The Adventurous Side of the Bryce Rohde Trio

A wild wonderful foray into outside interpretations of Bryce Rohde's compositions. Treat yourself to some fun.

  • Bryce Rohde, piano
  • Kelly Bryan, bass
  • Tom Beeson, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums
  • and Featuring Ron Dewar

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In the magical year of 1967, experimental music having been my interest for some time, I wanted in this recording to meld traditional instruments with any other instruments that might be at hand. A spontaneous situation arose in which we were able to take the intros, themes, interludes and codas of my original works, and all go for a kind of 'lucky dip' in which each of us could feel free to use any of them at any time. This approach allowed us to simply listen and respond-in a disciplined freedom--stretching it as far as our collective jazz experience took us. -- Bryce Rohde

SHORT WAY HOME -- The Bryce Rohde Trio Live at Davood's

Rated 5 Stars

The true gift of Bryce Rohde's original compositions comes alive in this inspired, live performance. Rohde delights in liberating joy and reflection toward surprise encounters, which, with Joe Carroll's liquid bass and Lee Charton's deft percussion, at once feed the mind and heart.

  • Bryce Rohde, piano
  • Joe Carroll, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums

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"...Rohde ... has a way of integrating each instrument in the trio to create a single voice instead of making the piano the dominant vehicle. This makes the bass of Joe Carroll and Charlton's drums major players in the evolution of the composer's harmonic philosophy. Listen to how these three form a cohesive unit on such cuts as "Soft Sounds-Taste of Wine" without losing their individual identity.

--Dave Nathan
Complete Review

AFTERNOON SESSION - Marsalis, Charlton, Haden, Peirce and Foster

Recommended by

Pianist and jazz patriarch Ellis Marsalis finds new ways to stretch and alto sax player John Peirce goes to town in this hot, inspired, live session recorded in Sparks, Nevada 1968. This session's alchemical spontaneity, the real essence of hot jazz, found the real spark in Sparks!

  • Ellis Marsalis, piano
  • Jim Haden, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums
  • Chuck Foster, trumpet
  • John Peirce, alto sax

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"John Peirce's alto sax artfully combines Coltrane with Charlie Parker...[and]...the rhythm section takes an active role, al la the John Coltrane Quartet and the Miles Davis small groups."
--Dave Nathan Complete Review


"The real, living art, in which the performer meets his true test, is hot jazz, which finds its best expression in the jam sessions, in which musicians from all sorts of bands join and play together without any former preparation or rehearsal. The imperative requirement of such a session is to improvise, and out of the general excitement to rise to a frenetic acme of realization."

--Robert Goffin, translated by Walter Schaap and Leonard G. Feather*


    " ... Remarkable, brilliant, original. ...It will startle, amaze, surprise and charm you."
      --Jim McLeod, ABC Radio

Lucky patrons of San Francisco's upscale jazz venue Bix get a weekly treat to pianist and composer Bryce Rohde. Long recognized as one of the "most influential" jazz artists Down Under, his unique compositions, and refined, sophisticated performances are gaining an international following, and are now available on CD at last.
  • Bryce Rohde, piano
  • Bruce Cale, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums

Recommended by Dave Nathan at

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This remarkable performance is highly influenced by jazz maverick George Russell's seminal "The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization for Improvisation." The Lydian Concept was integral at the composition stage as well, for Stop the Bus, Short Way Home, Dumbrille Was No Greek, plus the title song, each influenced by what Bruce Cale calls, "a fearless approach to writing music."

Ms-Sippi Cookin', Volume II - The Don Reitan Quintet

Rated 4 1/2 stars by

Pianist extraordinaire Don Reitan was a vibrant performer--a master of chord progressions--and an innovative composer who made his mark in the early '60's jazz explosion on the Gulf Coast.

This second live volume from Chez Joey swings as hard as the first, balancing spirited performances by each of the players, and reaching an apex with Reitan's own high-energy "Orbit."

  • Don Reitan, piano
  • Jay Cave, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums
  • Mike Serpas, trumpet
  • Rick Bell, tenor sax
and featuring Jackie Henderson on vocals.

"...imaginative extemporizing by Rick Bell on tenor."

--Dave Nathan, at

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Don Reitan

Don Reitan
Vibrant Soloist,
Masterful Accompanist,
Innovative Composer,
Revered Mentor,
A gift to Music,
Devoted to Gulf Coast jazz.

" energetic pianist who departed this world far too soon."

--Dave Nathan
Complete Review

More great jazz from Don Reitan's reign at Chez Joey is on Volume I at FrontBurner CDs.

* From Jazz: From the Congo to the Metropolitan, page 223
The Country Life Press, Garden City (1944), reprinted by Da Capo Press, New York (1975).

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