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ONE - Gravity Adjuster's Expansion Band

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Recently released on CD, this seminal work by the inspired Gravity Adjuster's Expansion Band is an audiophile's dream. These improvisations push the envelope ingenuity to entertain, to enliven and expand your perceived space. Recorded in Marin County, it breathes the freedom in the air of 1974.

  • Lee Charlton
  • Richard Waters
  • Tom Dondelinger
  • And Others . . .

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A Waterphone's Delight!

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WOOLLOOMOOLOO: The Adventurous Side of the Bryce Rohde Trio

A wild wonderful foray into outside interpretations of Bryce Rohde's compositions. Treat yourself to some fun.

  • Bryce Rohde, piano
  • Kelly Bryan, bass
  • Tom Beeson, bass
  • Lee Charlton, drums
  • and Featuring Ron Dewar

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In the magical year of 1967, experimental music having been my interest for some time, I wanted in this recording to meld traditional instruments with any other instruments that might be at hand. A spontaneous situation arose in which we were able to take the intros, themes, interludes and codas of my original works, and all go for a kind of 'lucky dip' in which each of us could feel free to use any of them at any time. This approach allowed us to simply listen and respond-in a disciplined freedom--stretching it as far as our collective jazz experience took us. -- Bryce Rohde

* From Jazz: From the Congo to the Metropolitan, page 223
The Country Life Press, Garden City (1944), reprinted by Da Capo Press, New York (1975).

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